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Bring A Flyer Discount Service

当料金表記に[Bring A Fryer]もしくは[With Flyer]と掲載されてあるPartyでは、ご入場の際にフライヤーをお渡し頂くと入場料金が割引価格でご入場頂けます。



是非、Club OctBaSSのフライヤーをご持参の上、ご来店ください。

In Party that is listed as [Bring A Fryer] or [With Flyer] in the rate expression, you can enter the admission fee at a discounted price as you pass in the flyer at the time of entry. Flyer is not a flyer of the event being held on the day, but it is eligible if it is a flyer of our event scheduled to be held. (The event flyer after the opening date is out of service) Please come and visit us by bringing the flyer of Club OctBaSS!!!

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